Mar. 25th, 2017

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March has been full of angst for sure!
The good;
My ─Ćaughter competed at Provincials and came home with a silver medal. It was a super close final match. My heart was in my throat the whole time.

We straightened out the issues with the harassment investigation. It is sorted and we can move on now.

My son was able to hang out with his best friend for part of Spring Break. It is sad his bestie is an hour and one half away but at least we can visit whenever we all have time off. We are planning to visit again for Easter.

Speaking of Easter - we found an awesome Boba Fett t-shirt to put with our son's egg basket. He is going great to love it AND it was on clearance. I love a good sale.

My daughter made the cadet marksmanship team for her corps. She is shooting the zone competition today. (Hoping she does well -parents can't be at this one)

The bad (ish);

Weather has been crap mostly. SO cold. I want to get out and get moving. I want to stretch have my legs and actually go somewhere. My joints have other ideas. The cold is making them ache. I am hoping for spring soon.

My client's schedule has changed. Ugh. Instead of 5, 5 hour shifts she is owned doing 3,9 hour shifts. This means I have either 1 or both of her children for 9 hours at a time. Thursdays start at 6am. I am Exhausted! She is displeased with her place of employment and is looking for a new job. I told her I won't do everything evenings. Evenings are for my kids.

My daughter is completely stressed about school. She is a bit of a perfectionist and isn't doing as well as she would like. (She is doing fine,BTW. ) Anyway yet after school (a Friday) she came home and did 2 hours worth of math and then studied physics after supper. Girl is going to giver herself and ulcer.

The clutter here is driving me insane! The more I get rid of the more there seems to be. Should be cleaning today but I don't know where to start.

That is about it for now. May just sit here for a little bit and give the cat in my lap some attention.


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