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Over 15000 steps today and now my legs are cramping. Day 2 with my husband gone is over.

Still no snow but it is cold!

Made pea soup.

Daughter wrote her final exam today. Now on to term 2. She is quite excited to be doing chemistry and astrophysics this term.

That was pretty much it for today. Wish my Mike was here to massage away the knots.
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What a week! And now the weekend is gone. Hello oooooooooooo Monday!

My husband is gone to sea this week leaving me dealing with life with no cuddles at the end of the day. He left this morning. We are hoping he has half a chance at having next weekend off. We might actually go on a date. Maybe. :)

Still no snow here, at least none that stays on the ground for very long after the sun hits it in the morning. It is a very mild winter so far, and I am sure we will be paying for it come March. In like a lamb, out like a lion.

Flu season is in full swing with everyone getting sick. On Tuesday the little one I babysit came down with an ear infection. There were lots of tears and tantrums. I did what I could and she settled down under a blanket after a while. My daughter's crazy cat patted her face with his paw just as she was nodding off though. This meant more crying. Rotten cat meant well but it is still a good thing that he is cute.

My daughter has been finding joy in her activities again. After investigation it was decided she was being harassed. The person responsible will have consequences. It won't take away what she has gone through but justice in a world that is often unjust is as good as we can expect, I think.

I wasn't sure if I would plant the garden this year due to the deployment but I am getting a strong urge to buy seeds. More on that as it developes.

Sweet dreams all
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This week started out with freezing rain and ice everywhere. We fared pretty well, due to our close proximity to the ocean we mostly had rain. Other places were well coated in ice. All schools were closed yesterday meaning I had 4 kids here all day. My girl was thankful for an extra day to study - all her exams were moved ahead a day. My boy hid in his room 90%of the day because I had to 2 wee ones that I care for here. The 6 year old boy I mind was perfect - he quietly played with his trucks. The 4 year old girl has got an ear infection that came on mid way through the morning. There was much wailing and crying. I did what I could for the mite but I was very happy to see her mother. Today she had some drops and some Tylenol. She was pleasant and bright. She was thrilled when my girl got off early after her exam and was able to sit and read her a story. It rained all day. The snow is late this year.

My husband has been working late hours on the ship. Though not at sea, he is more often gone than here. They are busy getting the ship ready to deploy this Summer. It will be a long 8 (ish) months when he goes. At least he will be back for our girl's graduation. I wouldn't want him to miss that milestone. He is sailing in the coming week. He is not home anyway so he may as well be at sea where he can get his work done.

The big news here this week is that the result from the investigation is in - they have found that the officer is guilty of harassment. They find our requests to be reasonable and will see that they are met. Not sure whether to celebrate or cry for what our girl has been put through. We will see how it all plays out.

I have several sewing projects going as always. I am never bored.

Missing friends, but 2 may be moving back here. Something to look forward to.


Jan. 7th, 2017 11:21 pm
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I am a little excited for the snow. This is an unpopular opinion, I know. I like it for the break from routine. Some of my children's activities may be cancelled in the morning meaning I get some more time with them. Chances are my girl will go snowshoeing with me. I love getting out and moving. It is a fun time with my oldest child. She is almost grown now and times like these are short.
The wind is howling outside my window but I'll enjoy snuggling under the blankets with my partner of 20+ years tonight. I think that is some thing. 20 years and we are both still here. Ah well. A topic for another day.

Good night
Sweet dreams


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