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What a week! And now the weekend is gone. Hello oooooooooooo Monday!

My husband is gone to sea this week leaving me dealing with life with no cuddles at the end of the day. He left this morning. We are hoping he has half a chance at having next weekend off. We might actually go on a date. Maybe. :)

Still no snow here, at least none that stays on the ground for very long after the sun hits it in the morning. It is a very mild winter so far, and I am sure we will be paying for it come March. In like a lamb, out like a lion.

Flu season is in full swing with everyone getting sick. On Tuesday the little one I babysit came down with an ear infection. There were lots of tears and tantrums. I did what I could and she settled down under a blanket after a while. My daughter's crazy cat patted her face with his paw just as she was nodding off though. This meant more crying. Rotten cat meant well but it is still a good thing that he is cute.

My daughter has been finding joy in her activities again. After investigation it was decided she was being harassed. The person responsible will have consequences. It won't take away what she has gone through but justice in a world that is often unjust is as good as we can expect, I think.

I wasn't sure if I would plant the garden this year due to the deployment but I am getting a strong urge to buy seeds. More on that as it developes.

Sweet dreams all
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