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This week started out with freezing rain and ice everywhere. We fared pretty well, due to our close proximity to the ocean we mostly had rain. Other places were well coated in ice. All schools were closed yesterday meaning I had 4 kids here all day. My girl was thankful for an extra day to study - all her exams were moved ahead a day. My boy hid in his room 90%of the day because I had to 2 wee ones that I care for here. The 6 year old boy I mind was perfect - he quietly played with his trucks. The 4 year old girl has got an ear infection that came on mid way through the morning. There was much wailing and crying. I did what I could for the mite but I was very happy to see her mother. Today she had some drops and some Tylenol. She was pleasant and bright. She was thrilled when my girl got off early after her exam and was able to sit and read her a story. It rained all day. The snow is late this year.

My husband has been working late hours on the ship. Though not at sea, he is more often gone than here. They are busy getting the ship ready to deploy this Summer. It will be a long 8 (ish) months when he goes. At least he will be back for our girl's graduation. I wouldn't want him to miss that milestone. He is sailing in the coming week. He is not home anyway so he may as well be at sea where he can get his work done.

The big news here this week is that the result from the investigation is in - they have found that the officer is guilty of harassment. They find our requests to be reasonable and will see that they are met. Not sure whether to celebrate or cry for what our girl has been put through. We will see how it all plays out.

I have several sewing projects going as always. I am never bored.

Missing friends, but 2 may be moving back here. Something to look forward to.
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